Michel Diercks (Jakob Wolski)

Michel Diercks Born 1988 in Hamburg, raised in Altes Land. Studied acting in New York and Berlin subsequent to graduating high school in 2008, studied at the HFF Potsdam since 2010. 2012/13, engagements at Potsdam's Hans Otto Theater. 2013/14 Clavigo at the Junges Ensemble Stuttgart. In DER SAMURAI, Michel Diercks plays his first cinematic leading role.


Pit Bukowski (Samurai)

Pit Bukowskis Showreel on  vimeo >>

Pit Bukowski Born 1988. Has acted since the age of eleven (first large role in "They've Got Knut" by Stefan Krohmer, 2003). Roles in cinema films (inc. "Dorfpunks" [Village punks],"Großstadtklein" [Large town small], "Lost Place","Dr. Ketel - Der Schatten von Neukölln" [Dr Ketel, the shadow from Neukölln],"Lore") and TV films (inc."Tatort: Der letzte Patient","Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter","Verbrechen - Notwehr","Großstadtrevier: Erfolgsgeheimnis","Rosa Roth: Der Schuss","Tatort: Butterfly - Im Schmerz geboren"). Also, engagements at Berlin's theater 89 since 2000. Most recently, Bukowski featured in Andreas Dresen's "Als wir träumten" [While we dreamed] and Feo Aladag's "Inbetween Worlds". Bukowski previously worked with Till Kleinert on "Cowboy" (2007).


Till Kleinert (Script + Director)

Till Kleinert Born in Berlin 1980. Draws comics and makes video and stop-motion films with friends in his youth. Student of directing at the dffb since 2004. During his studies he writes and directs several shorts that are nationally and internationally successful at festivals, garnering numerous awards. Member of the Schattenkante Film Makers' Association since 2005. With DER SAMURAI he concludes his studies at the dffb.

Filmography (Selection)

2014Der Samurai, feature film, Berlinale 2014, Perspektive Deutsches Kino.
2011Boys Village, short, International Student and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy, Beijing/ China 11/2011: Audience Prize.
2009Kokon [Cocoon], short, German Short Film Prize (Lola), Indie Lisboa Film Festival, 2010: Inatel Short Film Grand Prize.
2008Cowboy, short, Newfest New York 2008: Audience Prize for Best Short, Iris Prize Cardiff 2008, Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Fest 2008: Best Male Short, Festival Mix Milano/Milano International Queer Film Festival - 2008: Best Short.
2007Hundefutter [Dog food] short, Filmfest Dresden 2007: Film Incentive Awards of the Minister for Arts, achtung berlin 2007: Best Short, moontrack Paris 2007: Best Directing, Wendland Shorts 2007: Special Jury Prize, Flensburger Kurzfilmtage 2007: Best Short, International Festival for Cinema Schools Huy/Belgium 2008: Special Mention from the International Jury, Young Juror's Prize.


Martin Hanslmayr (Camera)

Martin HanslmayrBorn 1978 in Schärding, Austria. Studied cinematography at the dffb since 2004. Numerous shoots since 2006: "To the Limit" (2006, D: Pepe Danquart),"Hundefutter [Dog food] (2006, D: Till Kleinert),"Cowboy" (2007, D: Till Kleinert),"Whores Glory" (2010, D: Michael Glawogger)," Paradise: Love" (2010, D: Ulrich Seidl), "The Boys Village" (2011, D: Till Kleinert),"David Lama Cerro Torre" (2012, D: Thomy Dirnhofer). With DER SAMURAI he concludes his studies at the dffb.

Anna de Paoli (Producer)

Anna de PaoliBorn 1980 in Berlin. Assistant to the Section Management of the Perspektive Deutsches Kino, Berlinale, since 2010. Traineeships at X-Verleih and in the feature film/TV-film editorial department of arte Strasbourg; Research for "24h Berlin" (Zero Film), production assistant for the cinema film" Gravity" (Frisbeefilms); presenter of international festivals. 2004 to 2011 studied film production at the dffb. 2005 founded the Schattenkante Film Makers' Association. Participation in numerous films in a production, script writing and directing capacity. Concluded studies in 2011 with the feature film "Dr. Ketel - Der Schatten von Neukölln" [Dr Ketel, the shadow from Neukölln] (D: Linus de Paoli)

Linus de Paoli (Producer)

Linus de PaoliBorn in Hamburg in 1982. Plays in several rock bands and shoots his first anarchistic short films during high school and civil service. Studies directing from 2004 to 2012 at the German film and television academy Berlin (dffb) and lives off songs that he writes for cartoons. 2005 he founds the filmmakers collective Schattenkante with four fellow students, which will later become his own production company with girlfriend and producer Anna de Paoli. His debut film "Dr. Ketel - Shadow Of Neukölln" receives many awards at international film festivals and will be released on DVD soon. "Der Samurai" is his first feature as producer. He lives with his family in Berlin Neukölln.