"German cinema has found its Audition, its Pusher 3, its Devil's Backbone. And what a film it is!!" (Comalandfilms)

"Der Samurai is a rejuvenating piece of cinematic post-modernism that feels quite fresh and inspired. Laughs and chills mix in an entertaining way, yet the eccentricity remains strangely and rewardingly controlled so as to not easily slip into comedic territory - a mistake that would have made it oblivious. We can probably call this one of the 64th Berlinale's hidden gems and at 79 minutes it never allows the viewer to get bored or its pace to lose much intensity." (Cinecola.com)

"Pit Bukowski is outstanding in the lead role; his free spirit - which embodies anger, craziness, boldness and violence - magnificently contrasts with the shy and submissive attitude of Michel Diercks (the policeman). The photography of the scenes, mostly shot in the evening/night time, manages to deepen the mysterious and dramatic atmosphere into which the film melts." (Filmreport)

"I'm stunned by the first Berlinale genre masterpiece, best described as DRESSED TO KILL through a Jörg Buttgereit filter. Every genre film festival will want this movie, only the brave will dare show it." (Alan Jones, Fright Fest)